It would seem that the word modification is being misunderstood!

When you modify it takes away from the originality of your truck. It may reduce the value. If you want original, don't look any further here.

A note about payment.

A good description of each of the offered items is given, before you decide to buy. There is usually no way to explain completely, without giving away the key info. No refund is given if you decide that this will not do what you need. Buy carefully. 

There are many folks with refinements on a good idea, or their own idea, who wish to let others gain access to the general concept. Most have spent some bit of time, researching the details, parts sources, interchangeability and working out bugs, saving you a great deal of time, and money. They have made note of easily overlooked steps. That is worth something. We will offer a description of such improvements here, and you can contact us for more info on how to get what you may need.

Not all of these are new ideas, or methods, but all have been tailored for use, specifically on Vintage IH trucks. We do not give a detailed set of instructions. No claims of success are implied. Only that, like most modifications, these have worked for others.

Since there is no way we can determine how any of this info will be used, know the mechanical skill levels of the user, or the individual's ability to apply a concept to an actual project, we accept no responsibility for poor outcome, bad judgement, damage, injury, or failure. We have, in general looked over each concept, and do not promote those we do not feel are able to be applied safely. Note is made about skill level. This is only an opinion on our part. You are free to look further, or pass it over.

 12 Volt Conversion that works with the King Seely Gauge sets, and all other 6 volt supplied components used in 6 volt IH trucks, but using a 12 Volt charging system, and able to supply safe 12 volt source for any modern sound equipment, reliable starting, as well as bright, available, modern lights! No Voltage dropper! No electronics added! No resistors! Uses common American 12V  internally regulated Alternator! All parts used are available in a wrecking yard, or the local parts store!

You must have a high degree of ability to understand electricity and electric circuits, and to wire automotive electrics. 

ASK HERE!   Put 12 volt convert in the subject line.

We do not advocate butchering a wonderful, restorable truck, but if what you have in mind is to drive the truck, daily, on today's hwys, consider these points.

Chev, or GM Suspension and running gear for your light IH pickup L, R, or S model. Up to 130. 

Get away from the unobtanium brake parts, the somewhat less than wonderful ride, as well as update the steering, and braking ability. Having a V8 is great, but not if you can not stop the truck!

Works for 2 wheel drive, 1/2, 3/4, or 1 ton.

Other options exist for 4X4 trucks. Just ask.

Requires welding, cutting and frame alignment knowledge, or a shop to do this for you.


INQUIRE HERE!     place GM Clip upgrade For IHC in the subject line

 Optional Wheels and Brakes for your 7.25" on 6 stud IH Truck. 

This plan discusses the option of changing to a more modern wheel pattern, and braking system for the exceptionally hard to find 6 stud hub setup used on some KB models, as well as the 120 to 150 L, R, and S series trucks. The principal is applicable to a 5 stud hub as well. Get updated brakes, and wheel styles, with readily available used parts. No need to spend a fortune. Some machining required to make a single piece for each front corner. A good general mechanical knowledge is required for this project. There are NO front suspension modifications, or alignment changes.

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