Introducing Mr. Snubby!


    1952 LC-160 Tractor 

Years ago, I joined OLDIHC.ORG, a special interest internet group for Vintage International Trucks, and shortly afterward, this fellow did the same. That is how I met him. Now and again, you come across what seems to be a completely unlikely couple! A truck that is really not very many folks idea of a classic, vintage truck, and a guy who, when you first get introduced, even by e-mail, makes you think of flowershops! (He is also the guy who will change your mind.)

Nothing could be much further from the truth. Good thing I don't trust first impressions much! The greater part of the hands on labor involved in this restoration, has been done by Tom, and his wonderful wife, Cristina, with help and overseeing from the family dog, Maggie.

Granted, there is also a heap of chrome replating done, and some skilled welding work, but the general dirty restoration work is his. When Mr. Snubby needs specialists, that is what he gets. 

Tom did not at first appreciate my amused description of his truck as a "wonderfully ugly old Binder"! I meant it in all the most positive ways! In fact it was some while later before he got back in contact with me, seeking a set of hood hinges. We got that little misunderstanding cleared up, and then I began to take a greater interest in where all these parts I was selling, were being used. I foolishly asked for photographs, not aware that this guy was a photographer, and this is what I got! I have a nearly complete set of day to day progress reports, in pictures. Although the final paint, and some fine tuning are still in the future, this truck is now a running, driven unit. You can see You Tube videos here.

Congratulations Tom!

Hope folks will enjoy it as much as I have. It has been very much like watching a grand kid grow.

Tom says, "Snubb is now a dependable almost daily driver with usually around 5 to 10 ten cars and trucks following him and wanting us to get out of their way. Everybody is in such a hurry nowadays.Lol".

Tom is well into the restoration of his next IH truck, which we will feature here when it is available. 

As promised, there will be new developments showing up before Christmas. The work is nearly done, the paint is drying and final assembly has begun. It has been a long labor, but worth every moment.


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